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Following a hot streak of incredible LP’s and collaborative efforts throughout 2019 and early 2020, Eleventh Wind makes its mark as AKAI SOLO’s fourth solo album. It is a record for late-night introspection, as SOLO guides you through a path of bitter truths, sincerity, unsureness, and deeply rooted nostalgia.

With bars laid out over production from Argov, DJ Blackpower, $hay Buttah, Edan, Roper Williams, Wavy Bagels, Twenty Fifth Night, and bori, AKAI SOLO crafts a meditative album, reflecting on himself and the world around him. The production is often quiet yet dynamic, providing a distinctive fullness that compliments every line delivered.

The black variant of this record comes with an exclusive, unreleased two track EP from AKAI SOLO that was crafted specially for this record. All variants are single-sided 180g wax with a gorgeous etching of the album arts' flower on the b-side. The music has been remastered for vinyl for premium sound.

All vinyl purchases come with a digital download of Eleventh Wind.


1. An Ode To The Isolated (prod. argov)
2. Tetsuo (prod. Wave Bagels)
3. 360 Dragonfly (prod. Bori & DJ Blackpower)
4. Tainted (prod. $hayButtah)
5. Still Sailing (prod. argov)
6. Candor (prod. Twenty Fifth Night)
7. Barbatos (prod. edan)
8. Nebula (prod. Roper Williams)


Black (w/ flexi) /100
Opaque pink /150
Smoothie (pink/green/white) /150